Together Kind
Kindness Always

Start everyday with kindness.

End every day with kindness. 

Let's be kind together!

Kindness symbol Proclamations

1.  Our proclamation is available for city/ state/federal government, businesses, and families to use when recognizing the

 Kindness Symbol as an official symbol of kindness. We'd love a copy of your signed proclamation.  Thank you .


2.  Kindness Proclamation from New Jersey! It's currently in the Education Committee. Please hold a hearing and vote yes on it!

Tropical Kingdom Updates


Tropical Kingdom


Together Kind is an action project started in a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class in Florida to promote kindness.

Step 1 completed: Kindness Symbol vote completed. 

Step 2: Share and encourage other to use it!

Step 3: Make a Proclamation and collect signatures. Check out our updates!

Step 4: Make a petition to promote the Kindness symbol as the National symbol of Kindness.

Kindness Symbol Petition

It Takes All of Us


Scatter kindness around like seeds, so it can develop roots and grow everywhere!

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